Power Generation mechanics

Welcome to Hope Power & Industrial Inc. a specialty craft field services company with a goal to provide every customer with top quality, cost effective and highly efficient field support services. Our company is focused on providing specialty skilled craft and professional manpower support to a diverse customer base of major OEM, specialty contractors, power generation and industrial plants. Hope P & I works closely with each client to fully implement support services that allow customers to successfully accomplish critical plant outages, turnarounds, maintenance activities, and construction projects. With a specialty concentration on hydro power turbine repairs and upgrades we also provide supplement skilled craft for natural gas & steam plant outages.

 Power Generation

Hope P&I is a specialist at providing a complete range of manpower resources with extensive experience performing plant outages and equipment overhauls. Our specialty craft can supplement your rotating equipment outages, plant maintenance and other services within the power generation industry.   

Industrial Services

Our highly skilled craft and professional personnel are committed to safe work practices and compliance with customer facility regulations. They are some of the best in the industry with strong work ethics and a positive attitude that results in equal customer value.