Job Details

Various Upstate Locations
Bachelor's Degree
December 17, 2013


Job Responsibilities:

  • Candidate must be able to read and accurately interpret electrical construction drawings, terminate cables, install conduit, wiring, cables and trouble shoot control wiring from schematics. Must perform all phases of installation, maintenance, trouble shoot, repair and inspection of electrical and instrumentation systems and service work in new or remodeled facilities.  Ability to understand control schematics read and installation instructions and wiring diagrams for basic equipment.


Must have at least 5 years of experience as construction electrician working with limited supervision. Have (O.S.H.A.) 10 hour safety.

  • Preferably have experience in working in and safety required in food processing, grain mills, pharmaceutical plants, refineries, Chemical plants or Power plants.
  • Extensive knowledge in the installation, maintenance, repair and testing of electrical systems found in an industrial manufacturing facility. Such as Transformers, Motor Control Centers, Starters, Motors, V.F.D. and D.C. drive controllers, Control Systems and P.L.C.s to name a few.
  • Competent in V.F.D. and D.C. drive controller configurations and terminations. 
  • Competent in installations, start up, and trouble shooting of motor controls / relay logic /  P.L.C.s.
  • Competent in using test equipment to test, trouble shoot, and repair systems to ensure proper working conditions before turning such systems over to plant personal for operation. 
  • Be able to install conduit and install wire as needed to facilitate the systems called out.
  • Must provide and maintain personal hand tools per Company policy.