Engineering Solutions to Meet Industry Needs

Our company knows the power & industrial specialty craft markets and we are focused on being the markets best possible field service provider. H P&I is very familiar with above average industry requirements for specialty craft and professionals supplementing the power & industrial markets. Industrial & commercial contractors, power plants, industrial facilities and major equipment OEM partner with Hope P & I to engineer solutions to their field service concerns.

Customer Center

Reliable Industry Resource:

We strive to provide a service with integrity that exceeds the expectations of customers who depend on our services to meet outage goals and project objectives. Our pool of available craft include both local and traveling teams with years of field experience.  These individuals are some of the most qualified personnel that are available and ready to fill your positions at any location. Management and operations teams at H P&I have been associated with power and industrial service sectors for much of their careers. We are very proficient in recruiting & employing industries best qualified craft personnel with a high level of understanding for customer requirements. 

Ready for Assignment

Our pool of talented specialty craft personnel and professionals are pre-screened and ready to fill each assignment. Hope P&I field service solution process assures clients they are receiving the qualified crafts people through placement prerequisites such as pre-screen interviews, background checks, drug screening, citizenship verification, and final interview. Hope P&I employees receive OSHA safety training and PPE prior to assignment and mobilization. This continued process maintains our constant base of experienced specialty trade craft ready, available and responsive to every customer assignment.